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Buildings are essential for playing the mod. The first one you will always start out with is the Carpenter. You can obtain a Blueprint for it at any point from the Harvest Goddess as long as you have 24 Wood on hand. The path you choose after that is up to you, however certain buildings do require certain conditions to be met or other buildings. The recommended way is to build the General Store as your second building as it allows you to purchase Crops but you have various other options such as the Poultry Farm if you want to dive in to Chickens right away or the Animal Ranch if you fancy your hand at caring for Cows or Sheep.

Image Name Requirements Gold Cost Materials
Carpenter Icon.png Carpenter N/A N/A
General Store Icon.png General Store Carpenter Gold Icon 5,000
Animal Ranch Icon.png Animal Ranch Carpenter Gold Icon 4,000
Poultry Farm Icon.png Poultry Farm Carpenter Gold Icon 3,000
Park Icon.png Park General Store or Animal Ranch or Poultry Farm Gold Icon 1,000
Mine Icon.png Mine General Store Gold Icon 3,000
Cafe Icon.png Cafe General Store Gold Icon 10,000
Tackle Shop Icon.png Tackle Shop Animal Ranch and Poultry Farm Gold Icon 12,000
Fishing Hole Icon.png Fishing Hole Tackle Shop Gold Icon 3,000
Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith Mine Gold Icon 9,000
Clockmaker Icon.png Clockmaker Park Gold Icon 15,000
Goddess Pond Icon.png Goddess Pond Five buildings in the town Gold Icon 7,000
Church Icon.png Church Nine NPCs in the town Gold Icon 25,000
Townhall Icon.png Townhall Nine Buildings in the town Gold Icon 50,000